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Brain Surgery Diaries

Hello all! I have a campaign for us called BrainSurgeryDiaries. Every time you post a photo post surgery tag #brainsurgerydiaries, to help spread awareness for hydrocephalus!


What Does A Snake Mean To You?

On the media we talk about what snakes mean to us and how they affect our daily lives : just like people, they come in many colors, shapes , and teeth.

We must learn to know basic psychology and how to avoid dangerous situations with people who are “fake” or “toxic”.


This book is a semblance of what it means to be in a snake season. Snake Season : Love Conquers All


Snake Season : Love Conquers All

About : A short story about a teenage girl mentally separated by drugs and the values of family. Alone, she embarks a journey that would either change her life or cost her life. Fortunately, she is helped by a young man that sees her as more than just a broken girl and refuses to allow her to fall victim to her own devilish games.


Is it worth your time?: Yes! A miniature read about a romantic thriller!

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