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Hey you! YES YOU! You can do it. Whatever it is. Whatever is in the back of your mind when you lay your head down.
If no one else believes in you – I do

This photo was before my brain surgery. Actually less than a month before. I was unaware of the severity of my condition even in this photo. If I remember correctly, I had a head pressure headache that day- but I smiled though the photoshoot.

Photographer @gmediam


What Does A Snake Mean To You?

On the media we talk about what snakes mean to us and how they affect our daily lives : just like people, they come in many colors, shapes , and teeth.

We must learn to know basic psychology and how to avoid dangerous situations with people who are “fake” or “toxic”.


This book is a semblance of what it means to be in a snake season. Snake Season : Love Conquers All